Motonosumi Shrine (元乃隅神社)

Motonosumi shrine Destination

Located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, the Motonosumi Shrine (元乃隅神社) is a remarkable spiritual spot known for its breathtaking seaside location and a series of 123 red torii gates that extend along the cliff overlooking the Sea of Japan. This shrine offers visitors a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural significance, and a serene atmosphere.
The shrine offers a variety of blessings, including prosperous business, a large catch of fish, and safety at sea, as well as good relationships, children, good fortune, warding off evil spirits, good fortune, peace, traffic safety, and academic success.

Opening hours
7:00 ~ 16:30 (Leave the shrine grounds by 16:30)

No public transportation
Car : about 60 min from Jfrom the Chugoku Expressway Mine Interchange
Taxi : about 20 min from R Nagato Furuichi Station or JR Hitomaru Station
※ If using a taxi, it costs approximately 2,500 yen one way.
※ Parking fee is 300 yen for the first hour, maximum 500 yen


Motonosumi Shrine is selected as one of “Japan’s 31 most beautiful places?'” by the American news broadcaster CNN, and you can enjoy an extremely beautiful scenery. Introducing the attractions of Motonosumi Shrine.

123 bright red torii gates

Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Speaking of Motonosumi Shrine, this is the superb view of 123 red torii gates lined up facing the sea. The appearance of lining up over 100m is truly breathtaking. On a clear day, the bright red torii gates will surely stand out against the blue sea and sky and green grass and trees.

Motonosumi inari shrine

You can walk down through the bright red torii gate from the top side to the bottom side. Some people come back from the bottom, so be careful when passing.

Motonosumi inari shrine

At the bottom is a large torii gate with the words “元乃隅神社 (Motonosumi Shrine)” on it.

Motonosumi inari shrine

If you climb the rocky terrain, you can see the torii gates lined up even from the bottom.

Motonosumi inari shrine

There is a way to go back without passing through the torii, but if you have the chance, go through the torii.

The hardest offering box to put in in Japan

Motonosumi inari shrine

The offering box at Motonosumi Shrine is said to be the hardest to put in in Japan. Surprisingly, the offering box is located around the top of the 6 meters high torii gate, and the box is 5 meters high. It is sometimes difficult to put money into the offering box, so it is said that if you manage to successfully put money into it, your wish will come true. When you visit here, please try and make your wish come true.

White fox, messenger of God

Motonosumi inari shrine

Motonosumi Shrine is a shrine that was split off from Taikodani Inari Shrine (太鼓谷稲成神社) in Tsuwano Town, Shimane Prefecture, due to the message from a white fox. Therefore, statues of the white fox are placed and worshipped as a messenger of God. The shrines offer a wide variety of blessings, including prosperous business, big catches, safety at sea, good marriage, children, good fortune, warding off evil spirits, peace, traffic safety, academic success, and more. If you make a wish to this fox, your wish may come true.

Motonosumi shrine

There are also panels with pop fox faces, so it would be fun to put your face on and take pictures here.

Ryugu no Shiofuki (龍宮の潮吹き), the tide splashing up onto the rocks

Motonosumi shrine

Here you can see the “Ryugu no Shiofuki (龍宮の潮吹き),” a natural phenomenon in which seawater is splashed high into the air from a natural hole created by violent waves entering a rock hole. It is said that when the sea is rough due to northeast winds or the winter monsoon winds, the tide rises higher, and can sometimes rise more than 30 meters.

Motonosumi shrine

The magnificent scenery and phenomena woven by nature are full of highlights.


There is no public transportation available to the Motonosumi shrine. Driving or taking a taxi to get here are recommended. If you go by car, it is approximately 60 minutes from the Chugoku Expressway Mine Interchange (中国自動車道美祢IC). If you take a taxi, it is approximately 20 minutes from JR Nagato Furuichi Station (長門古市駅) or JR Hitomaru Station (人丸駅). During the holidays, the road near the parking of Motonosumi Shrine is extremely crowded. It may take more than an hour to wait for a parking to become available, so it would be better to plan your stay with plenty of time.


Motonosumi Shrine has unique combination of natural beauty, cultural significance, and spiritual tranquility make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a deeper connection with Japan’s rich traditions and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you come to admire the stunning torii gates, find solace in the cliffside serenity, or seek blessings through prayer, Motonosumi Shrine offers an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul. You will never regret your visit.