Tsunoshima (角島)

Tsunoshima Destination

Tsunoshima is an island in the western part of Yamaguchi Prefecture and is connected by a long bridge, Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge (角島大橋). Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge, which stretches straight through the emerald green sea, is known as a scenic point and has been used in many TV commercials in Japan. Also, in the summer, the beach around Tsunoshima opens and is crowded with beachgoers. If you go a little further, you can also go to the popular power spot “Motonosumi Shrine (元乃隅神社)”.


Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge (角島大橋), the bridge that leads to Tsunoshima


Speaking of Tsunoshima, it is this Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge. The 1,780m long bridge connecting Honshu and Tsunoshima is one of the longest in Japan, and you can cross it for free. The color of the sea changes from emerald green to cobalt blue as you go through the bridge. The appearance of the bridge extending into the beautiful gradation of the sea is truly a superb view. It is a standard location in car TV commercials.


In front of Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge, there is Amagase Park (天ケ瀬公園) where you can see the bridge, and you can park your car there for free. First of all, let’s enjoy taking pictures at the observatory of the park and in front of the monument. In addition, there is a tourist information center “Amagase Kanko (あまがせ観光)” where you can find pamphlets about Tsunoshima, as well as public toilets. Get ready here before crossing over to Tshunoshima.


When you are ready, your drive to Tsunoshima starts. Crossing this bridge by car on a clear day is one of the best things you can do!

Tsunoshima Lighthouse (角島灯台)


Tsunoshima Lighthouse, located in Yumesaki (夢崎) on the western edge of Tsunoshima, has been watching over the safety of the sea since it was first lit in 1876. This lighthouse is made entirely of granite and has gentle colors. It is also one of only 16 lighthouses in Japan that can be climbed, and at the top of the 105-step spiral staircase, a spectacular view of the Sea of Japan awaits you.

Admission fee
Adult : 300 yen
Child : Free

Opening hours
7:30 ~ 17:00 (March to September)
8:00 ~ 16:30 (October to February)
※ Last admission is before 20 min closing time

Beautiful beach and sea


The emerald green sea, which is one of the most transparent in Japan, and the smooth white sandy beach attract many visitors. In summer, the beach for swimming is open and crowded with many bathers from outside Yamaguchi Prefecture. The beach is well-equipped with showers, toilets, and shops, so anyone can enjoy it.


The beach is usually open from mid-July to the end of August

Have a good meal around Tsunoshima


Shiokaze no Sato (しおかぜの里) is a resting spot with a sales facility that sells specialty products unique to Tsunoshima and a restaurant where you can enjoy the seasonal flavors of Tsunoshima. Meals using fresh seafood are really delicious. At the souvenir shop, you can purchase bottled and dried seafood, sweets, Sake, etc. Also, the seaweed ice cream sold only here has a unique taste. Must try it once.


You can enjoy Italian food at the restaurant GABBIANO on the Honshu side before crossing Tsunoshima. Italian food with a view of Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge is really delicious and makes you feel stylish!


You can access Tsunoshima by train and bus or car.

When going to Tsunoshima by train and bus

Take the JR Sanin Line (JR山陰本線) and Tsunoshima Bus (角島バス) to Tsunoshima.

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① JR Shimonoseki Station (JR下関駅) → JR Takibe Station (JR滝部駅) using JR Sanin Line

Fare : 770 yen
Time : about 70 min

② JR Takibe Station → Hotel Nishi Nagato Resort entrance Bus Stop (ホテル西長門リゾート入口) using Tsunoshima Bus

Fare : 450 yen
Time : about 30 min

This is the Honshu side before crossing the Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge. Before crossing the bridge, stop here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take photos.

③ Hotel Nishi Nagato Resort entrance Bus Stop (ホテル西長門リゾート入口) → Tsunoshima

To get to Tsunoshima, you will cross Tsunoshima Ohasi Bridge on foot or by bus. List the main bus stops when using buses.

・When you want to visit Shiokaze no Sato → in front of School stop (Gakko mae, 学校前)
・When you want to visit Lighthouse → in front of Lighthouse park stop (Toudai Koen mae, 灯台公園前)
・When you want to visit beach → Ohama beach stop (Ohama Kaisuiyokujo, 大浜海水浴場)

When going to Tsunoshima by car

Use the expressway halfway, but use the general road near Tsunoshima. Use the Chugoku Expressway for expressways. The exit of the expressway and the time from there to Tsunoshima are listed below.

・From Shimonoseki I.C (下関 I.C) → about 70 min
・From Ozuki I.C (小月 I.C) → about 60 min
・From Mine west I.C (美祢西 I.C) → about 60 min
・From Mine I.C (美祢 I.C) → about 60 min



Tsunoshima where you can see the beautiful sea and bridge. There are still many scenic spots in Tsunoshima that we could not introduce here. How about visiting here and taking beautiful pictures and enjoying the resort feeling?