Onomichi City(尾道)

Onomichi Destination

Onomichi is a historic port town that is known for its traditional buildings and culture that have continued since the Edo period. Sightseeing spots such as Senkoji Temple (千光寺) and Neko no Hosomichi (猫の細道) are popular with tourists. Onomichi faces the Seto Inland Sea and has a beautiful coastline and island scenery, making it a popular destination for bicycle enthusiasts. There is a bicycle road called Shimanami Kaido that connects to Onomichi Ohashi Bridge, and you can enjoy cycling while enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is especially beautiful when the sun sets.
Not only the sightseeing spots, but also the food is attractive. For example, Onomichi is also a famous place for ramen, and Onomichi ramen, which consists of a soy sours-based soup with poak backfat and special noodles, has a mild and easy-to-eat taste that attracts many people. There is an abundance of fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, and you can enjoy fresh seafood at restaurants in Onomichi.
Onomichi is easily accessible from Hiroshima city, and you can go there without changing trains. Sightseeing spots are also located around Onomichi Station, making it easy to visit.


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The road from Onomichi Station to Ropeway Station is a shopping street, and you can enjoy it while walking.

Senkoji Temple(千光寺)


Senkoji Temple is located on a mountain, and you can use the ropeway to reach the top of the mountain. Buying a one-way ticket and walk back is recommended.

Ropeway round trip fee / one way fee
Adult : 700 yen / 500 yen
Elementary and junior high school students : 350 yen / 250 yen

Opening hours
9:00 ~ 17:15
※ No regular holiday
※ Ropeway departs every 15 minutes.


You can see a beautiful view of the sea and the town from Senkoji Temple, which is 144.2m above sea level.
Senkoji Temple is visited by many worshipers as the Kannon is believed to fulfill various wishes such as passing exams, finding a match, having children, traffic safety, family safety, marital harmony, healing from illness, and extending life.


When you go down from Senkoji Temple, you can see the scenery like the picture above. This is the number one photo spot in Onomichi.
You can see the Seto Inland Sea as well as the three-storied pagoda and the Onomichi Ohashi Bridge, which is the entrance to the Shimanami Kaido.

Neko no Hosomichi (猫の細道)


When returning to the city from Senkoji Temple, taking the “Neko no Hosomichi” path is recommended. “Neko no Hosomichi” means cat narrow path. As the name suggests, cats will welcome you along the way.

In addition, objects and designs with cat motifs are hidden here and there along the way.
There are cat objects that grant love and keep you healthy.
This route is downhill, so please be careful with your footwear.



ONOMICHI U2 is a renovated huge former shipping warehouse located along the coast, a 5-minute walk from Onomichi Station. ONOMICHI U2 has a variety of stores such as restaurant, counter bar, cafe, bakery, cycle shop, hotel, etc.

Shopping street


There is a shopping street about 5 minutes walk east from JR Onomichi Station towards the ropeway station. Onomichi Hondori Shopping Street is a collective name for five shopping streets, Ichiban gai, Naka shotengai, Center gai, Chuo gai, and Onomichi dori. The shopping street has stores with over 100 years of history as well as new stores. Therefore, you can feel the historical atmosphere and enjoy meals at stylish cafes in the shopping street.

Onomichi Port


From the port town of Onomichi, ferries depart to Tomonoura, Mukaishima, Ikuchijima, etc. There are also ferries that carry cars. When sightseeing along the Shimanami Kaido, you can enjoy the scenery from the sea by taking a ferry one way.


The night view of Onomichi seen from the ferry at night is beautiful.

Onomichi ramen


Onomichi is famous for a type of ramen called “Onomichi Ramen.” Local ramen can be found all over Japan, but Onomichi ramen is one of the most famous, and there is always a line of customers at shops that serve Onomichi ramen.
Onomichi ramen is characterized by a soy sauce-based soup with pork back fat floating in it. Since it is soy sauce based, it has a light taste that is easy to eat.


You can access Onomichi in about 90 minutes by JR from Hiroshima Station. You can take the Shinkansen from Hiroshima Station to Shin-Onomichi Station in 40 minutes, but due to the distance from Shin-Onomichi Station to the tourist area, I recommend using Onomichi Station.


Onomichi is known as the “Cat Town” and “Slope Town” due to its unique characteristics. Please come and visit Onomichi, which has a different charm than other towns.