Okunoshima Island (大久野島)

Rabbits Destination

Okunoshima Island is an island belonging to Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. During war, poison gas is manufactured in this island, so there are poison gas museum and past buildings. On the other hand, it is also called “Rabbit Island” because there are many rabbits living on the island. Currently, it is a popular tourist destination where visitors can interact with rabbits and feed them.


Interacting with rabbits

Ohkunoshima Island

More than 500 rabbits live on the island, and you can interact with them freely. Of course you can also feed, however, rabbit food is not sold on the island. You can bring vegetables such as cabbage for bait, or you can purchase them on the island. If you want to feed the rabbits, bring vegetables such as cabbage, or purchase pellets sold at the port before crossing over to the island. Just having the bait makes you popular among the rabbits!

Ohkunoshima Island

There are a few things to keep in mind when interacting with rabbits.

・Please do not chase or hold
→ Rabbits are easily stressed and are prone to broken bones and injuries.
・Please do not interact with rabbits on the road or on the side of the road as it is dangerous
・Please do not put your hands near rabbits’ mouth
 → Rabbits have sharp teeth, and there is a risk of injury if you feed them with rabbits’ mouth.
・Please do not feed sweets and bread
 → Unlike humans, rabbits lose their physical condition when they eat various foods.

Observe manners and have fun interacting with rabbits!

Poison Gas Museum, Past buildings

During the war, a large number of poison gas weapons were manufactured on this island. At that time, in order to hide the actual state of poison gas production, even on the map issued by the army, this area was treated as a blank area, so it came to be called “the island that was erased from the map”. Many people died in the process of producing poison gas on this island. The Poison Gas Museum was built on the former Poison Gas Island to convey the tragedy and wish for permanent peace. Now, many people visit this place every year as a place to study peace.

Ohkunoshima Island
Ohkunoshima Island

In addition, on the island there are remains of buildings from that time, such as the remains of a battery, a power plant, and a poison gas storage.

Enjoy nature

Ohkunoshima Island

There is a lot of nature on this island away from the main island of Japan. The beach opens in summer, so you can enjoy swimming on the beautiful beach.

Ohkunoshima Island

There is a small mountain on this island, about 90 meters high and you can enjoy a little mountain climbing. The view from the top of the mountain in this island is superb.

Ohkunoshima Island

A campground is also set up for day camping and tent lodging.

Kyukamura Okunoshima (休暇村大久野島)

Ohkunoshima Island

Kyukamura Okunoshima is the only accommodation facility on this island. At this facility, visitors can not only stay overnight, but also enjoy natural hot springs and meals made with seafood. There are also tennis courts and a pool, so you can enjoy sports.

It is also recommended to rent a bicycle here and cycle around this island, or rent a fishing rod or camping equipment to enjoy outdoor leisure activities.


To get to Ohkunoshima Island, take a JR train or Shinkansen from Hiroshima Station to JR Tadanoumi Station, then take a ferry from Tadanoumi Port to Okunoshima Island.

Ohkunoshima Island
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Hiroshima Staton (広島駅) to Tadanumi Station (忠海駅)

You can choose from two ways.
※ There is also an access way using a bus, but here the ways using the train and Shinkansen are introduced the method using the train and Shinkansen.
※ The times listed below do not include the time required for transfers. Transfers may take longer depending on train conditions.
※ The Costs listed below are approximate and may have changed.

① Route via Mihara Station (三原駅) using Shinkansen

Total fare : 3,810 yen
Total time : about 60 min

Hiroshima Station → Mihara station (Shinkansen, about 30 min)
Mihara Station → Tadanoumi Station (JR Kure Line, about 30 min)

Direct Route using JR train Kure Line

Total fare : 1,340 yen
Total time : about 120 min

Hiroshima Station → Tadanoumi Station (JR Kure Line, about 120 min)

Tadanoumi Station to Ferry port at Okunoshima Island

・Tadanoumi Station to Ferry Port at Tadanoumi (Tadanoumi port, 忠海港)

You can get Ferry Port at Tadanoumi bout 4 minutes on foot from Tadanoumi Station.

Ferry Port at Tadanoumi to Ferry Port at Okunoshima Island

Fare : 720 yen (a round trip ticket, adult)
360 yen (a round trip ticket, under 12 child)
Time : about 15 min

Free buses are available for transportation within the island.


Ohkunoshima Island

Interact with cute rabbits, learn about peace at the Poison Gas Museum, and stroll around the island to enjoy nature. It is a tourist destination that can be enjoyed by anyone, including lovers, friends, and family. Please visit here and spend a relaxing time.