Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses (倉吉白壁土蔵群)

Kurayoshi Destination

Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses is an area in Kurayoshi City (倉吉市), Tottori Prefecture (鳥取県), with a preserved historical townscape characterized by red brick and white plaster wall architecture. Many of the architectures in this area are from the Edo and Meiji periods, and you can feel the atmosphere of Japan at that time just by walking around here. There are shops, cafes, and workshops in renovated warehouses and townhouses from the time, making it a spot where you can also feel stylish in a retro atmosphere.
There is Kurayoshi Figure Museum near here, so if you are interested in anime, manga, and figures, visiting this place is recommended as well.


Kurayoshi map

There are many attractions in this area, will introduce some of them.

0. Tourist information center


First, let’s go to the tourist information center and collect information. You can get maps and brochures, and register for tourist guide services. By the way, the tourist information center building is a converted cider factory.

1. Matotoya, Japanese traditional archery


You can experience the Kyudo which is Japanese traditional archery here. In normal competitions, aim at a target 28 meters away, but here aim at a target 8 meters away. No reservations are required, so even first timers can feel free to try it out.

Fee : 500 yen/ 5 arrows, 1,000 yen/ 10 arrows, 1,500 yen/ unlimited (15 minutes)
Opening hours : 12:00 ~ 16:00
※ Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
※ Under 130cm in height cannot experience
※ You can rent archer’s Hakama for 1,000 yen

2. Kuwata Soy Sauce Brewery


Kuwata Soy Sauce Brewery is a historic soy sauce brewery founded in 1877. The front side is a historic Kyoto-style merchant house building. In the shop, you can find soy sauce made using traditional methods, and original sweets made with soy sauce, such as soy sauce ice cream and soy sauce macaroons, are also available for purchase.


The soy sauce storehouse is said to be one of the white wall warehouses, and old and historic white wall construction is a sight to behold.

3. Golden carps


Golden carps swim gracefully here. Most common carps are red in color, but carps with a special golden color are very beautiful. It stands out very well against the old townscape of Kurayoshi, so it’s a lot of fun to take photos.

4. Benten Sando (弁天参道)


Benten Sando is the approach to Dairenji temple, a Jodo sect temple. Red lanterns line the side of the narrow approach. Walking along this approach lined with red lanterns, you will feel a sense of wonder.

5. Dairenji Temple (大蓮寺)


This temple was newly established in 1573-1592 by merging three temples that existed at that time. Even though it is new, the temple was established over 400 years ago, so it has a very long history. On the other hand, the main hall was rebuilt in 1955 and is made of reinforced concrete, giving it a modern feel.


Darenji Temple is located in the town of Kurayoshi where white wall storehouses are lined up, so its unique appearance catches the eye. Don’t miss this strange space.

Fee : Free
Opening hours : 9:00~17:00

6, 7. White wall photo spot


Speaking of Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses, the view from here is the most famous. The white walls and red roofed buildings along the river are a Japanese style scenery that can only be experienced here. The contrast with the blue sky is especially beautiful on sunny days.


No need to be disappointed even on cloudy days. On cloudy days, you can enjoy the calm and chic Japanese cityscape. Walk along this river, take photos from various angles, and enjoy the beautiful white walled warehouses.

8. Kotozakura (琴桜), statue of sumo wrestler


Kurayoshi City is the hometown of Kotozakura, a former sumo yokozuna. Therefore, Kotozakura is praised here and a bronze statue was erected. This statue of the great Yokozuna is impressive, so whether you like sumo or not, please come and see it when you visit Kurayoshi.


By public transport, you can access there from JR Kurayoshi Station (JR倉吉駅) by bus.

Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses
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① Exit the south exit of Kurayoshi Station and walk to the left towards bus terminal No.2 terminal color is green.

② Take the bus
If you take the following bus, you can go to near Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses.

LineGet off at FeeTime
Shinai Keiyu
Akagawara/ Shirakabe Dozo
230 yenabout 12 min
Park Square
Shiyakusho/ Utsubuki Koen Iriguchi
230 yenabout 17 min
Shiyakusho/ Utsubuki Koen Iriguchi
230 yenabout 17 min

③ You can arrive at the museum in about 2 or 3 minutes walk after getting off the bus.


Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses is a place where traditional buildings with white walls and red tiles are preserved. If you visit here, you will definitely feel the atmosphere of good old Japan. Why not visit here and enjoy some relaxing time and experience Japanese history?