Sankeien Garden (三景園)

Sankeien Destination

Sankeien Garden is a Japanese Garden in Mihara city, Hiroshima prefecture. It is a stroll garden with a central pond created to commemorate the opening of Hiroshima Airport. The theme is the scenery of the mountain and valley of Hiroshima Prefecture and the Seto Inland Sea. It consists of a mountain area, a village area, and a sea area that make the most of nature. Sankeien is about a 5-minute walk from Hiroshima Airport, so you can go a little while waiting for the plane.

Admission fee
Adult : 270 yen
※ During Flower festival and Momiji festival : 320 yen
Students (elementary and junior high) : 130 yen
※ During Flower festival and Autumn Leaves festival : 160 yen
Seniors (Age 65 and older) : Free

Opening hours
9:00 ~ 18:00 (April through September)
9:00 ~ 17:00 (October through March)
※ Closed December 29 through December 31

As mentioned above, Sankeien consists of three areas: the sea, the village, and the mountains. I introduce the point of each area.

The sea area

When you pass through the entrance, you can see a large pond. This pond is likened to the Seto Inland Sea, and the surrounding area is the sea area.


Chokentei (潮見亭)


Chokentei is a one-story building that includes a ticket counter. So, when you visit Sankeien, you first pass through this building. Chokentei has a large corridor built to protrude into the pond. The building and corridor that seem to float in this pond were created in the image of Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima. The sea area is inspired by Itsukushima Shrine in the Seto Inland Sea.

Sankeien garden

At Chokentei, you can have light meals such as matcha (抹茶), roasted green tea latte, and Kuzukiri (くずきり) as a cafe menu. It’s a wonderful time to take a break with matcha and Kuzukiri while looking at the pond that imitates the Seto Inland Sea. Maybe you can feel Wa (和) or wabi-sabi.

Sankeien garden

You can feed the carp at the corridor of Chokentei. Carps of various colors such as red, white and gold are approaching in search of feed. Feed can be purchased at the shop of Chokentei. Even if you don’ have carp feed, carps approach just by hearing the footsteps.

Arched Bridge

Sankeien garden

There are some arched bridge connecting small islands in the sea area. These bridges look like Shimanami Kaido, which connects the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

Sankeien garden

There is a big ginkgo tree across the Momiji bridge, one of the arched bridges. It turns yellow in autumn and is very beautiful. You would be fascinated by it. 

The mountain area

The motif of the mountain area is the magnificent nature of Hiroshima Prefecture, the mountain and valley. This area features waterfalls seen in natural forest and small hills overlooking the entire garden.

Three-step waterfall (三段の滝)

Sankeien garden

The three-step waterfall is a waterfall with a height difference of about 14m. I think this waterfall has a motif of the Sandankyo in the Kenhoku area of Hiroshima prefecture. In autumn, the autumn leaves around the waterfall are colored, making the scenery even more tasteful.

A small hill

Sankeien garden

You can overlook Sankeien from the top of a small hill in the mountain area. There are benches nearby. It’s a great time to sit on a bench and take a leisurely look at the scenery.

The village area

The village area is created with the image of satoyama (里山) such as Kamo Plateau (加茂台地) and Sera Plateau (世羅台地). Satoyama is an area where an ecosystem that is influenced by humans exists as a result of being adjacent to human settlements. In other words, it is nature created by human hands. The village area includes bamboo grove, plum grove and reservoir.

Hydrangea garden

Sankeien garden

About 10,000 hydrangeas of 100 species are planted in the hydrangea garden. From 2019, the new hydrangea road, which is about 100 meters long, was expanded and is becoming more and more popular as a hydrangea spot. Blue, purple, pink, light to dark colors are all really beautiful. Colorful flowers add color to the cloudy landscape of June.

Momiji valley

Sankeien garden

The momiji valley, which consists of about 150 Japanese maples, mainly Irohamomiji and Yamamomiji, is colored from the beginning to the end of November. The colorful scenery of red, yellow and orange is a must-see. You can also enjoy the illuminated autumn leaves at night during this season.


Various events are held throughout the year at Sankeien. Introducing the most popular flower festival (花まつり) and autumn leaves festival (もみじまつり) among the events.

※Currently, most of the event are not held due to the influence of COVID-19.

Flower Festival (花まつり)

Period : the beginning of June to the end of June / the beginning of July
Time : 9:00 ~ 18:00

You can appreciate the flowers that bloom in early summer, such as hydrangea and irises, while walking in the park. Hydrangea that gets wet in the rain is beautiful, and you can refresh yourself by enjoying the flowers.

In addition, several more events are held during the Flower Festival.

  • Plum fruit picking experience
    Period : 6/8 (in the case of 2020)
    Time : 10:00 ~ 12:00
    Fee : 600 yen (including admission fee)
    Detail : You can experience picking plums and take 1kg of them away.
  • Hydrangea photography class
    Period : 6/16 (in the case of 2020)
    Time : 9:30 ~ 14:00
    Fee : 2000 yen (including admission fee and lunch)
    Detail : You can learn how to take pictures of hydrangea from the instructor.

At the restaurant at Hiroshima Airport, you can also order a special menu called Hydrangea Gozen, so please try it.

Autumn Leaves Festival (もみじまつり)

Period : the end of October to the end of November
Time : 9:00 ~ 17:30

Various places in the garden are dyed red, centering on the momiji valley, momiji bridge, and three-step waterfall. It is one of the most popular spots for autumn leaves in Hiroshima prefecture.

In addition, several more events are held during the Autumn Leaves Festival.

  • Illuminated at night
    Period : Saturday during the Autumn Leaves Festival
    Time : 17:30 ~ 20:00
    Fee : Admission only
    Detail : It is lit up mainly in Momiji Valley and Chokentei.
         You can enjoy a fantastic view different from the daytime.
  • Autumn leaves photography class
    Period : Saturday during the Autumn Leaves Festival
    Capacity : 40 people
    Fee : 2000 yen (including admission fee and lunch)
    Detail : You can learn the highlights of the autumn leaves and shooting points
    in the garden.


You can reach Sankei-en by bus or on foot from Hiroshima Airport. It is very close to Hiroshima Airport, so it is recommended to walk from the airport.

If you access on foot from Hiroshima Airport

Sankeien garden map
© OpenStreetMap contributors

It is only a 5-minute walk from Hiroshima Airport.

If you use the bus

You can visit from Hiroshima City by bus. Take the bus from Hiroshima Bus Center to Hiroshima Airport.

Time : about 55 minutes
Fare : 1370 yen


I introduced Sankeien, but did you find it interesting? If you visit during the Flower Festival in June or the Autumn Foliage Festival in November, you will surely enjoy there to the fullest. It’s a 5-minute walk from Hiroshima Airport, so be sure to visit even while you are waiting for your flight.