Iwakuni Castle (岩国城)

Iwakuni Castle Destination

Iwakuni Castle is a castle located on top of a mountain near Kintaikyo Bridge and can be accessed by ropeway. The area around Iwakuni Castle was closed to people for a while, so you can enjoy nature in good condition. It is recommended to visit the nearby Kintai Bridge and its surrounding facilities in addition to Iwakuni Castle.

Admission fee
Adult : 270 yen
Elementary school students : 120 yen

Opening hours
9:00 ~ 17:30 (Last admission is 17:00)
Regular holiday : December 29th-31th

Ropeway round trip fee
Adult : 560 yen
Elementary school students : 260 yen

Ropeway operating time
9:00-17:00 (Last admission is 16:30)
※ Ropeway departs every 15 minutes.


Iwakuni Castle

When you get to the Sancho Station (山頂駅) on the ropeway, you can walk to Iwakuni Castle. On the way to Iwakuni Castle, you can enjoy sightseeing spots and nature.

Iwakuni castle

Castle Tower (天守閣)

Iwakuni Castle

The Iwakuni Castle tower was built in 1608 in a location where the Sanyo Road can be seen below. It is built in the “Momoyama Nanban style (桃山風南蛮造り)”, with the observation area on the 4th floor. Armors, swords, and Shachihoko (しゃちほこ) are displayed on the first to third floors.

Iwakuni castle
Iwakuni castle

In particular, many swords are on display. Each sword has its own unique characteristics, such as some with long or short blades, and some with straight or wavy blade patterns.

Iwakuni castle
Iwakuni castle

Many people think of katana when they think of Japanese weapons at the time, but in fact guns and spears were also used. It is rare to have such a large collection of weapons used at that time, and you can have a very interesting experience.

Iwakuni castle

Photos of castles from various parts of Japan are also on display. It might be interesting to observe the differences in appearance and construction from Iwakuni Castle.

Iwakuni Castle

This castle was once demolished in 1615 by order of the government, so the castle you can tour was rebuilt in 1962. When it was rebuilt, it was moved a little south to take into consideration the view from the vicinity of Kintaikyo Bridge, so both Kintaikyo Bridge and Iwakuni Castle can be viewed from each other with great views. From the observation area, you can see not only Kintaikyo Bridge but also the Seto Inland Sea.

Former Castle Tower stone wall (旧天守台 石垣)

Iwakuni Castle

The old castle tower has been recreated using the stones used at the time. This stonework that forms the foundation of a castle is called a “stone wall.” The stone walls of Iwakuni Castle are made with techniques unique to the region. It is characterized by small stones packed into the gaps between large stones, and the edges are straight and not curved. This results in a structure that places more emphasis on structural and mechanical safety than aesthetic beauty. You can see the remains of the bows and arrows from that time on the stone wall.

Ohtsurii (大釣井)

Iwakuni Castle

When you walk for about 5 minutes from Ropeway Sancho Station toward Iwakuni Castle, you will see Ohtsurii (A large well) on your left. It was not only an important place as the castle’s water hole, but was also considered a place to store weapons and bombs in emergencies and as an escape route. From a distance, it looks like a fence protecting the tree, but when you get closer, you can see the well.


Iwakuni Castle

You can access Iwakuni castle by ropeway from near the Kintaikyo Bridge.

Kintaikyo map
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Kintaikyo map

It you use Long distance bus

① JR Hiroshima Station
 ↓ 1 min
② Hiroden Hiroshima Station
 ↓ 8 min tram
③ Hiroden Kamiyacho Station (紙屋町駅)
 ↓ 4 min walk
④ Hiroshima bus center Stop (広島バスセンター), No.1 Iwakuni line(岩国・錦帯橋行)
 ↓ 60 min bus
⑤ Get off at Kintaikyo Stop (錦帯橋駅)

Time : about 1 hour 20 minutes
Fare : 1,170 yen

If you use Shinkansen

① JR Hiroshima Station
 ↓ 14 min Shinkansen
② JR Shin-Iwakuni Station, West Exit
 ↓ 1 min walk
③ Shin-Iwakuni Stop (新岩国駅), No.21 Muronoki・Iwakuni Station line(室の木・岩国駅行)
 ↓ 12 min bus
④ Get off at Kintaikyo Stop (錦帯橋駅)

Time : about 40 minutes
Fare : 3,210 yen

If you use JR

① JR Hiroshima Station
 ↓ 50 min
② JR Iwakuni Station, West Exit
 ↓ 2 min walk
③ Iwakuni Stop (岩国駅), No.21 Muronoki・Shin-Iwakuni Station line(室の木・新岩国駅行)
 ↓ 12 min bus
④ Get off at Kintaikyo Stop (錦帯橋駅)

Time : about 1 hour 30 minutes
Fare : 1,070 yen


Iwakuni Castle is close to many sightseeing spots such as Kintaikyo Bridge, so you can easily experience multiple types of Japanese architecture and culture. From the ropeway, you can enjoy the scenery that changes depending on the season you visit. Why not enjoy the scenery and experiences that can only be seen here?